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e-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible
DC — 6 years ago
Excellent product, user friendly, free and customer service is great.
Guest — 6 years ago
i really love the note taking applet. I use it often!
Guest — 7 years ago
Nice range of translations.
Guest #10200601 — 7 years ago
Makes searching the Bible extremely simple and powerful.
Guest — 7 years ago
To study with, commentary, and to search for concordance, parellel verses
Mark S. HuBert — 7 years ago
I like this software very much.
LVE4GOD — 7 years ago
Exceptional resource! Many translations/versions, lots of commentaries, huge number of add-ons, very customizable.
Guest — 8 years ago
Great Software. Everything is just a click away
Bill Hoak — 8 years ago
Best free Bible software out there, plus it has far more free addons
paul331 — 8 years ago
Best Bible Software
John Quigley — 8 years ago
My favorite for Bible Study, it is easy to use, screens are clean and very readable. There is a great family of users who are very helpful and are very good at adding useability to the program. Rick Myers is also a really helpful individual and willing to add useability as well.
Bydyn Baunllaw — 8 years ago
I use it even over commercial software that was given to me. It has more resources available for free than most commercial software has available to purchase.
Guest — 8 years ago
Love it!!!!
Guest — 8 years ago
Best Software in the world... It is a must for everyone
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