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If you are a Bible student, pastor, religious leader or a person who likes to study The Holy Scriptures deeply, then e-Sword is a complete tool that will serve you as a reference library and a book collection, wherewith you will be able to read, search, investigate and learn more about the Holy Word of God.

An important feature of e-Sword is that you will be able to download a lot of addons, so that you can add many books, maps, commentaries, graphics, etc., and as a result, you will get a complete Bible studying guide. That's why e-sword is recommended for both beginners and advanced bible students.

If you are a user of the previous version of e-Sword (7.9), there are some changes worth mentioning in this new release (v.8.0). Now, the user interface has a new improvement. For international users, all dialogs and menus can be displayed in numerous languages. The first languages added are: Czech, German, French, Slovak and Spanish. Moreover, Scripture references and popup ToolTips will be displayed according to the language in use. In addition, a new Bible book browser has been implemented. The Orthodox Apocrypha is now supported, as well as the Catholic Deuterocanon. Apart from that, users can now customize text colors and window backgrounds.

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